Our Company

Pioneers in specialty Mushrooms

Founded in Sebastopol, CA in 1977, Gourmet Mushrooms was the first to commercially grow Shiitake in the US. Today, under the Mycopia Specialty Mushrooms brand, we grow Alba Clamshell, Brown Clamshell, Trumpet Royale, Forest Nameko, Velvet Pioppini, Nebrodini Bianco and Maitake Frondosa. In 2014, we added a second farm in Scottville, MI to help keep up with the growing demand for specialty mushrooms. We hand harvest and hand pack thousands of pounds of organic/kosher mushrooms every week – fresh from our farms to America's finest restaurants and kitchens. Since its inception, the company has also produced a line of mushroom mycelial biomass products for the nutraceutical industry. Our mushroom nutraceuticals are marketed worldwide.