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Educator's Mushroom Growth Kit ™

Educator's Mushroom Growth KitWhat's Included ?

NSES Based Lesson Plan

Offered for all grade levels, our professionally authored National Science Education Standards (NSES) based lesson plans give you everything you need to get started teaching your students about the amazing world of fungi. They’ve been aligned with the national content standards eliminating guesswork and streamlining your preparation time. All three lesson plans (K-4, 5-8, & 9-12) include a full chapter’s worth of textbook-style background information as well as concepts, science themes, laboratory and extension activities. In addition, the GMI Educator’s Mushroom Growth Kit™lesson plans have been reviewed and endorsed by the California Department of Education as an approved NSES based teaching resource. Indicate grade level when ordering.

Lifecycle & Anatomy Worksheets

Our accurate and up to date lifecycle and anatomy worksheets will allow you to show your students the biological features of fungal growth and reproduction. The middle/high school level lifecycle diagram is also designed as a worksheet complete with a key for teaching fungal terminology and/or preparing examinations.

Exclusive Mushroom Modules™

Our exclusive Mushroom Modules™ make growing mushrooms easy and fun! The GMI Educator’s Growth Kit™ state of the art Mushroom Modules™ make classroom/laboratory mushroom cultivation nearly foolproof. Extensively tested by teachers and curriculum developers alike, they will bring the exciting world of fungal growth and reproduction into your classroom or laboratory! Each Mushroom Module™ will produce enough mushrooms for demonstration activities like creating spore prints and/or microscopic examinations. The Modules™ will produce a cluster of the common Oyster mushroom (P. ostreatus) which are completely safe and edible.*

Our middle/high school kits are supplied with two Modules for a laboratory investigation of the physiological effects of gravity (gravitropism) on mushroom growth. In addition, the decomposed sawdust mushroom substrate in the module can be used for plant propagation to demonstrate nutrient recycling. Our basic K-4 kit includes one Mushroom Module™ and the middle and high school kits include two Modules for the optional gravitropism laboratory exercise.

Note: Although the mushrooms produced by the module™ are completely safe and edible, we DO NOT recommend consuming them because they will not be grown in a food-safe, sanitary environment (ie your classroom or laboratory).