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Educator's Mushroom Growth Kit ™

Educator's Mushroom Growth KitWhy should you be teaching your students about fungi?

As Earth’s recyclers, fungi are essential components of our ecosystems cycling nutrients for plants, animals and bacteria. It has recently been discovered that over 90% of all land plants grow in conjunction with a fungal partner that protects them from disease and aids in the absorption of nutrients from the soil. Many plant-fungal partnerships are even required for plant growth and survival. Finally, if you’ve ever eaten bread, enjoyed blue cheese dressing, drank wine, taken an antibiotic or ordered mushrooms on a pizza, then you’ve benefited from this incredible group of organisms!

The GMI Educator’s Mushroom Growth Kit™ will allow you to bring the amazing world of fungi into your classroom with a complete, standards-based lesson plan, anatomy and lifecycle worksheets, and our exclusive Mushroom Modules™ that make mushroom growing easy and fun. No matter what grade level, the GMI Educator’s Growth Kit will allow you to effectively deliver a high quality and exciting lesson on the wonders of the fungal kingdom.