Fresh Mushrooms

Consumers | FAQ

Are your mushrooms safe? Might I accidentally get a poisonous one?

Gourmet Mushrooms' specialty mushrooms are organically grown from carefully maintained cultures. It is impossible for us to accidentally grow a poisonous variety.

Are your mushrooms seasonal?

We harvest mushrooms 365 days a year. The trick is our environmentally controlled growing rooms. You can rely on fresh-picked harvest year-round.

How should I store Gourmet Mushrooms' organic specialty mushrooms?

Store in the coldest part of your refrigerator. After opening the basket or container, store any unused mushrooms in a brown paper bag.

How long will the mushrooms last?

Depending on storage conditions the mushrooms will last between a week and ten days. The longest expected life will be for the Trumpet Royale; the shortest is for the Velvet Pioppini.

How can you ship mushrooms without refrigeration?

Mushrooms are designed by nature to cope with temperature variation in their environment. A single shipping cycle of under 18 hours does not detract from their quality.

Do wood-grown specialty mushrooms require cleaning?

Our cultivated mushrooms are organically grown on a substrate of sterilized sawdust. They do not need to be cleaned before use. We ship them in clusters because it keeps them fresher. Trim the very bottom (where a little sawdust may still cling) and they are ready for use.

What cooking techniques are best for mushrooms?

You can use almost any cooking method. Mushrooms respond to different cooking techniques much the same way that meats do. Poaching keeps flavors mild, high heat deepens them. Specialty mushrooms, unlike white buttons and portabella, do not give up liquid as they cook – so they can easily be browned in a sauté pan. Many chefs like roasting in a 400° - 450° oven to prepare large batches of mushrooms quickly. We recommend tossing with a little vegetable oil prior to roasting.

Do you do tours of your facility?

We regret that we cannot offer tours to the general public. We do host events occasionally, including open houses. If you would like to be notified, please .

Do you sell your nutraceutical mushrooms direct to the public?

Our nutraceutical division produces mushroom mycelium biomass and mushroom extracts for many health food manufacturers. We do not sell these products on the internet.