Fresh Mushrooms


Gourmet Mushroom Retail PackagingGourmet Grocers and Natural Food Stores

Our MYCOPIA® Brand mushrooms are available at fine independent grocers and specialty foods stores across the U.S. These are the same delicious organic varieties which we sell to our restaurant chefs. If your favorite store doesn't carry the MYCOPIA® Brand, please urge them to .

Mushroom Gift Baskets

What's the perfect present for a hard-core foodie?

They’ve seen that basket of fruit and cheese before. Our Mushroom Gift Basket is the ideal gift for any gourmet cook, including yourself!

The basket will arrive filled with an assortment of five different specialty mushrooms including Trumpet Royale, Forest Nameko, Brown Clamshell, Velvet Pioppini and Alba Clamshell and comes with a recipe brochure and suggestions for storage and use.

You'll find out a little about our farm and get tips on which mushrooms need to be used right away and which ones will last up to a week or more.

Educator's Mushroom Growing Kits

Our Educator's Mushroom Growing Kits for teachers and science students contain a jar that has been pre-inoculated with mushroom mycelium and is ready to produce mushrooms in your classroom or for your science project. Includes lessons plans and study guides that meet or exceed the National Life Science Content Standards, instructions for experiments, and materials for making spore prints.