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Mushroom Varieties | Maitake Frondosa™

Maitake Frondosa™

MYCOPIA’s Maitake Frondosa™ is wonderfully adaptable with a fabulous, forest aroma and a light, crunchy texture. In the wild, maitake can grow into huge heads over a foot in diameter. Gourmet Mushrooms’ small, delicate clusters present the mushroom’s best qualities at the peak of flavor.

The other common name for this variety is Hen-of-the-Woods. Traditional in Asian cuisine, but its rich versatile flavor also finds complements with roasted meats and chicken, cheeses, dark leafy greens, and hearty grains. Certified Organic by QAI. Maitake is at the top of the list of mushrooms used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is one of the better studied mushrooms in modern clinical trials. Maitake Frondosa (and other mushrooms) are functional foods, good sources of micronutrients and active biological compounds that support a healthy immune system.

Chef's Tips

Both the "leaves" (which are called "bracts") and the core of the mushroom are edible. Try cutting apart into little bunches with a part of the core still attached to enhance eye appeal on the plate.