Fresh Mushrooms

Wholesalers | FAQ

Are your mushrooms seasonal?

We harvest mushrooms 365 days a year. You can rely on fresh-picked harvest year-round and your customers and can plan menus in advance.

How should I store Gourmet Mushrooms?

You receive your mushrooms in sealed zipper-lock plastic bags. Refrigerate on arrival. Mushrooms will keep best as close as possible to 34 degrees. Tell your customers to leave the mushrooms sealed in the bag until first used. The unused portion should not be re-sealed. Leaving the bag loosely open is one option, or place in a hotel pan and cover with a thick, clean, dry towel.

How long will the mushrooms last?

Depending on storage conditions the mushrooms will last between ten days and two weeks. The longest expected life will be for the Trumpet Royale; the shortest is for the Velvet Pioppini. We expect that you will be able to sell mushrooms that are a week or more old and still promise several days to a week of life for your customer.

How can you ship mushrooms without refrigeration?

Mushrooms are designed by nature to cope with temperature variation in their environment. One or two shipping cycles of under 18 hours does not detract from their quality.

There is condensation inside my bags. Is this bad?

Condensation alone is not a problem. It is the mushroom’s way of coping with changes in its environment.

There is white fuzz on my mushrooms. Is this mold?

This is probably not mold. Some varieties, usually Alba or Brown Clamshell will begin growing mycelium, especially if they have been allowed to get warm. These fine, white threads are actually the mushroom beginning to grow again as it might in nature. The mycelium tastes like the mushroom and is not dangerous. Mold on mushrooms is more likely to be pink, yellow, blue-green or black. Please call us with any questions regarding mushroom quality.

What are potential quality control issues?

Signs of mushroom deterioration include soft dark spots, or colored molds, See above.

Do wood-grown specialty mushrooms require cleaning?

Our cultivated mushrooms are organically grown on a substrate of sterilized sawdust. They do not need to be cleaned before use. We ship them in clusters because it keeps them fresher. Trim the very bottom where a little sawdust may still cling and they are ready for use.