Mushroom Mycelial Biomass

Since its inception in 1977, Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. has been cultivating mushroom products for both the culinary and the nutraceutical trades. For nutritional supplements, GMI focuses on mushroom mycelium, as mushrooms spend more than 90% of their life cycle in the mycelial, or vegetative stage. The mycelium provides extracellular compounds and metabolites that function to promote the longevity and vitality of the living mushroom.  Our lines of mushroom mycelial biomass have been cultivated aseptically in California under strict protocol.  Our 30+ years of experience has allowed us to refine our product consistency, with minimum batch to batch variation.  All of our nutraceutical mushroom products are certified Kosher and Organic.

The Paradigm of "The More the Better" Can be Dangerous

The paradigm of "the more the better" can be dangerous without the backing of clinical observations. There are many nutritional supplements being offered in the health food industry with the idea that "more is better". We have often seen materials with unidentified ingredients being presented in concentrated form, extracted at different ratios (e.g. 4:1, 10:1, etc.). Some materials are identified with marker materials at certain guaranteed concentrations. However, many times, these marker materials bear no direct relationship to the efficacy of the product. These products are hyped with the catch phrase of "guaranteed potency" when the markers used have never been subjected to rigorous tests for their "potency".  As there are few clinical observations to examine the effects of concentrated mushroom extracts, we believe that whole mycelial biomass is preferable to any extract.

Our Product Design Philosophy

Fungi, as nutritional supplements, are used generally as an adaptogen or biological response modulator. Materials in fungi are able to modulate the bodily functions to help cope with imbalances caused by environmental, hereditary or life-style imbalances.  Over the course of history fungi have functioned as a source of traditional and natural medicine.  Major medical discoveries have resulted from either the accidental or intentional experimentation on the healing properties of mushrooms.

Fungi metabolites are adaptogenic, i.e. they work to modulate our system by way of feedback mechanisms. By isolating the “active principals” in extracts, the processing of the material may alter the beneficial synergistic effects of a whole food product.  We do not want to inadvertently produce materials in such high concentrations that may compromise our system.  Too much of some materials may close a physiological feedback loop, yielding unintended consequences.

We feel that our natural, wholesome biomass products are true nutritional supplements.  Our mycelial biomass products are minimally processed to ensure that the wholesome benefits of the mushroom are maintained in a plethora of metabolites and beneficial compounds.  The mushroom mycelium offers a complete collaboration of healthful properties, which are expressed by the bioavailability of the mycelium’s protective compounds, provided in entirety, rather than isolates.